There’s an App for that!

There’s an App for that!theres-an-app-for-that-franklin-web-232x300
Right? Kind of a catch phrase, but actually true and really mind-boggling when you consider the vast amount of apps that are available. Apps for really useful things like mapping, exercising, shopping, productivity, dining, entertainment….and not so useful things like ranking mustaches, an electric razor (?), not to mention some unmentionables! Learn more about Top 10 Useless Apps.
So in this over-crowded and somewhat exhausted space of ridiculous apps, how do you know if an app would be right for you?

Myth #1: Apps are so expensive, we can’t afford one.
Let’s just debunk this one off the bat. Apps can be really affordable. We’re able to produce them at really reasonable rates that would give you a quick ROI. With community sponsors, you’re more likely to MAKE MONEY!  Sure, custom apps that are super specific to one school with crazy integration and wicked computing….those cost tens of thousands of dollars. But a simplified version that pushes notifications, takes volunteer requests, processes payments, offers loyalty tracking, one-touch dialing, and provides all the information about your school….. Well, we can get that done for you with a quick turn-time and affordable price tag.

Myth #2: Our Parents won’t use an App.
Why? Do they live in a cave? Are they Amish and have rejected modern technology? People of ALL backgrounds, ages, and interests are wired to their Smartphones…well, not the Amish. Don’t underestimate your surprisingly techno-savvy clientele! If you provide a USEFUL app, your Smartphone-toting parents (that’s like more than 85% of them) will download it and stay more connected to your school and parent group.

Myth #3: My school wouldn’t benefit from an App.
OK, this one might be true…..UNLESS, your school WOULD benefit from engaging parents, creating loyalty, and having a way to push information right to their handy-dandy phones! You want to send your parents or students a message? There’s an app for that!  You want to create buzz by having your students share their experience? There’s an app for that too!

There are tons of functional features that can benefit your parents as well as your school. I would definitely encourage you to consult with us to find a great feature set that will benefit your school or parent group!

Apps have come a long way and have become one of the most engaging resources to create a connected school. The cool thing for you is that many local schools haven’t leveraged that fact, allowing YOU to be on the cutting edge of this growing trend. Apps allow you to send specific messages about “Schedule Change”, “Volunteers Needed”, “Last Chance”, and “Big News” right to your parents and students’ phones. And where is there phone? Well if it’s not their hand, it’s within reach. That means YOU are always within reach. How cool is that?!?!