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Tips to Obtain Business Sponsors!home-screen2-148x300

Soliciting business sponsors to support your school can seem like a daunting task but, it’s not as cumbersome as you think.  Local businesses are always looking for ways to raise awareness within the community and there’s no better way than advertising than through schools. It’s surprising how many businesses LOVE the idea of being in the palms of parents hands. Each time a school app is opened, their ad appears on the home page and with just one click, directs to their website. On a side note, businesses can “write off” this expense as they are essentially donating money and supporting schools.

The best way to obtain business sponsors is by pounding the pavement.  Target local businesses that surround your school such as pediatric and adult dentists, orthodontists, realtors, insurance agencies, child care facilities, dance/martial arts studios, and mom & pop restaurant establishments to name a few. You can also ask families that attend your school if they own a business and would like to advertise on the app. Provide copies of the promo flier that we email to you that shows how their advertising slide can look.  You can also download your school app and show them how their ad will be featured.

If pounding the pavement is too time consuming, you can call businesses directly, ask for their email address and send them the promo flier, app store links and ad space pricing.  Determine your ad space pricing in advance so you can easily relay that information to them. Most schools charge enough to more than cover all app costs…usually bringing in thousands of dollars each year.

Please reach out to us if you need any additional promo materials to help with your sponsor search.  Businesses are going to love this opportunity and showing support for your school.