Give the Office a Break

10.-Report-AbsencesAbsences Happen, and this time of year, they are in abundance!

Lots of bugs and viruses are floating around and kids are big helpers in spreading them.  It’s just inevitable that a good chunk of kids are going to be sick and will have to miss school.  Offices can receive 20, 30, 50+ calls from parents to report their child missing school.  Front office staff is already busy coordinating subs, writing tardy slips, and doing countless other morning tasks. They NEED away to manage these absences without spending their morning on the phone asking the same repetitive question over and over…

In comes our Absence Reporting form!
With just a few taps, it allows parents to quickly report their child missing school and gets the message to the school office without having to talk to anyone! Parents and Office Staff L-O-V-E this feature.

Absence Reporting….just one of the many features and process improvements on our Mobile Apps.