Get your App for FREE by Partnering with Sponsors

Tips to Obtain Business Sponsors! Soliciting business sponsors to support your school can seem like a daunting task but, it’s not as cumbersome as you think.  Local businesses are always looking for ways to raise awareness within the community and there’s no better way than advertising than through schools. It’s surprising how many businesses LOVE […]

Using Online Sign-Ups in your App to get more Volunteers

It’s sometimes difficult asking parents to volunteer and work a shift at a school fundraising event. It can be a daunting task and seem awkward for both the parent group organizer and the volunteer. Having direct access to the volunteer feature on your phone makes signing up easy and helps parent groups organize a successful […]

Every School Needs a Mobile App

Why your School Needs a Mobile App! If you’re are a parent with school age children, you know how busy your life can be. It’s challenging to keep track of your daily job and personal responsibilities, let alone everything that’s going on in your children’s lives; homework, tests, sports and school events. More and more, […]

Tips to Improve Communications & Keep Parents Informed

Every year we hear the same thing, “I didn’t know about it…” and every year we work to fix that problem. But it’s a very complex issue: Keeping Parents Informed To ADD or to STREAMLINE? That is the question. When working to improve communications, the knee jerk reaction is to add another method. But what […]

Promote your App, Increase your Downloads

Making sure everyone at your school knows about and downloads your App is critical to your success.  This can also be one of your first challenges. You have been involved in the creation and maintenance process and have talked about it excitedly to so many people….but don’t think that mean the word is out and […]

Tips for Successful Push Notifications

Being able to send instant messages to your parents, student, and staff is unprecedented access! Push notifications help you connect like never before.  Have fun with your messages, staying approachable while informative. And remember… if you want to know about something, chances are, everyone else does too!   Here are some helpful ideas and tips […]

Give Some Sponsor Love

Many of our apps are supported by sponsorships from local businesses.  These businesses show their support for education and pay a nice sponsorship fee in exchange for some screen real estate and exposure to their target market…local families. In many cases, it is these sponsorships that make a school’s custom app a possibility. While these […]

There’s an App for that!

There’s an App for that! Right? Kind of a catch phrase, but actually true and really mind-boggling when you consider the vast amount of apps that are available. Apps for really useful things like mapping, exercising, shopping, productivity, dining, entertainment….and not so useful things like ranking mustaches, an electric razor (?), not to mention some […]

Grateful on Friday

TGIF! It’s been a long week of short days around here, but what makes it all better is knowing how our products are helping schools and parents!  Getting a message like this really makes our week around here. “I am so thankful for your app this week… I completely forgot about the minimum day and […]

Give the Office a Break

Absences Happen, and this time of year, they are in abundance! Lots of bugs and viruses are floating around and kids are big helpers in spreading them.  It’s just inevitable that a good chunk of kids are going to be sick and will have to miss school.  Offices can receive 20, 30, 50+ calls from parents […]