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Push Notifications
Whether you need a time-sensitive blast or a gentle reminder of an upcoming event, Push Notifications get your message to parents FAST. Parents love staying connected to their school and our school apps are the best way!
Post your calendar in the App so parents can plan ahead for event. We can integrate Google calendars, Outlook, really any calendar... Our school apps help you stay organized!
Food Service Payments
Make sure the kids never go hungry simply because they forgot their lunch money that day. Our school apps show monthly food menus & and provide quick access to replenish your accounts right on your smartphone.

Client Testimonials

What parents think.

"This app has made being connected to school activities and events so much easier!! I especially LOVE the push notifications! Now I feel that I won't miss as much information. Getting info through emails is more time consuming and easier to miss since much of the info comes from different sources"

Whitney High School Parent

I love it! I enjoy receiving alerts about school events and other information. Having the app makesschool information so accessible."

AHES Parent

What school leaders think.

I can get a message to our group easy! The reminders help parents, fundraising efforts and communication. The admins are often telling us how much they love it! - Parent Teacher Club President

It's the best way to market our events and remind those working parents what we have going on. - Parent Group Representative

I love the design, the ease and the fact that our stakeholders are using the app on a regular basis to stay connected to the school. - Rocklin School

I'm a relatively new WHS staff member. This app has helped me not only understand what's going on around the school, but how to help new students who need to find a class (map link) and quickly show the bell schedule. This app is empowering, convenient and very cool.
label this from the same school, but as the staff of the school instead of a name. - Whitney High School Staff

Win #1 – The Parents

A mobile app provides quick and easy information to all parents, right on the phone they carry with them 24/7. One-touch access to all events, forms, fundraisers, notifications, reminders, and more! All school links and information are consolidated and easily accessible through an icon right on their smartphone. Parents love this simple yet effective way of connecting to their school!

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Win #2 – The School

Schools and parent/teacher groups love this new way of connecting. They use Push Notifications to offer more information than they ever could before, and now faster than ever. The App gives them the ability and opportunity to streamline their efforts, enabling them to sell more event tickets, more memberships, and more of everything in general. It revolutionizes the way schools are able to manage everything.

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Win #3 - Sponsors

Community business members will LOVE this opportunity to show support for your school! Our integrated, dynamic sponsorship opportunities make it easier than ever to connect with potential customers! One tap and parents are your sponsors a much higher conversion rate and bigger bang for their buck! Businesses fight for an exclusive spot on our apps!

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